The Annual Budget meeting took place in November.

Please see Fee Structure for updated School and Aftercare fees due. 

Freaky Friday was celebrated on 24 November to mark the end of our 5-week fundraiser. 

The kids had a BLAST dressing up and participating in games and fun activities like face painting, hair sprays and nail varnishing and jumping about on the jumping castle. 

Grade R End of Year Concert:

Well done to our little Grade R’s who are now entering “big school” We wish you all the best for Grade 1

Foundation Phase Concert
We say a sad farewell to our HOD and Grade 1 teacher, Mrs October. Her caring heart and generosity will be missed by learners, staff and parents. We also say goodbye to Mrs Sarlie who taught Grade 2. The school will not be the same without you both!
We welcome two new additions to our staff, sisters, both named Miss De Villiers who will be each be teaching a Grade 2 and Grade 3 class.

Senior Phase
We bid our current Grade 7’s farewell and wish you good luck on the journey ahead.
Prizegiving was held on 5 December in honor of those who achieved great academically and in their sporting extra-mural activities. Well Done to all.

Welcome to new learners and families
“We are pleased to welcome all new learners for 2018 to the Sea Point Primary School Family. Please endure that you purchase your tag for the electronic gate at the Bursar’s office. May you have a fun and fulfilling experience, academically and other here with us.”

School Term dates

First Term – 15th January (Teachers) & 17th January (Learners) – 28 March 2018

Second Term – 10th April 2018 – 22nd June 2018

Third Term – 17th July 2018 – 28 September 2018

Fourth Term – 9th October 2018 – 12 December (Learners) & 14th December 2018 (Educators)

Important Dates:

Governing Body elections – February 2018

Upcoming Fundraisers

Term 1 – Kaskar (2018)