Our school is a public school but one needs to view it as a semi-private school as the Education Department only pays for some teachers’ salaries. The school fees are set by the Governing Body to cover the running costs of the school as well as pay for additional teachers’ salaries. Our classes average between 25 – 30 learners and therefore we have a substantial salary bill each year to ensure that our class sizes do not reach the excessive numbers as prescribed by the department.

You will receive two accounts each term for your quarterly fee. We advise all families to budget for education as one does for their regular expenses. Monthly payments (personal or per stop order) are advisable. The school are reviewed each year and parents can expect an annual increase to cover the running costs of the school. School fees are approved each year by the parent body and are essential for the running of the school so the learners can get the most out of their schooling. All parents are compelled by law to pay the full amount, but we realise that this may be difficult for some.

Any parent who can prove that they cannot afford the fees, is requested to apply for Temporary Financial Assistance to the Governing Body.