The uniform consists of the following items which may be worn in any combination throughout the year.


  • short sleeve white shirt with badge on the pocket
  • long sleeve white shirt with badge on the pocket
  • khaki school shorts
  • khaki school long trousers
  • khaki skirt/ skorts
  • khaki long/ankle school socks
  • khaki school stockings (can only be worn with skirt or skort)
  • black school shoes
  • red school cap

Optional Uniform

  • red fleece top
  • red waterproof rain jacket
  • black school scarf
  • red school beanie
  • plain black beanie
  • plain black gloves

Physical education and sports uniform

  • White T-shirt
  • black PE shorts
  • black exercise tights
  • plain takkies (black, white or grey)
  • black swimming costume
  • red SPPS swimming cap or a plain swimming cap in the colour of your house
  • black track pants
  • long sport socks (soccer, hockey & cricket)
  • red wide brim hat (cricket optional)

Only the official school uniform items listed above may be worn. In wet weather only the red waterproof school rain jacket may be worn.

No jewellery or adornments may be worn with the school uniform. Only one set of plain gold or silver studs or small sleepers may be worn as earrings. A watch may be worn.

Hair must be neatly styled and conservative. Hair that touches the collar or eyebrows must be tied up with red, black or white accessories. No jewellery adornments in the hair. No wigs or dyed hair. Braids must be the same colour as learner’s natural hair colour.

No coloured t-shirts may be worn underneath school shirts. No long sleeved vests may be worn underneath short sleeve school shirts.

Learners are expected to wear full school uniform or sports uniform when leaving the school premises in the afternoon. Leaving the school in a swimming costume is not acceptable.

All uniform must be labelled.

Learners are expected to wear the full school uniform on school outings. If a change of clothing is required for a particular outing, the learners will be informed by their teacher.